Cool Down your hives with Homemade Cold Compresses!

If you’re dealing with hives, you’re probably looking for a quick way to reduce the burning, stinging, itching, redness and pain. No matter where the hives occur, they can cause discomfort. The good news is that you can easily begin reliving the symptoms of hives at home. One of the best ways to treat hives is to apply ice packs of cool compresses to the areas of the body affected by hives. This all-natural treatment is easy and can be done with items that are easily available within your home.

Ice Packs and Cool Compresses Work Quickly

Instant cold compressWhy are ice packs or cool compresses such a commonly recommended treatment for hives? The main reason it’s so popular is because this treatment works so quickly. When you need fast relief, this option can reduce your symptoms quickly. Applying cold compresses or ice packs is especially helpful if you’re dealing with a lot of swelling, since cold will help bring down the swelling. The cold also helps to constrict blood vessels in the area, reducing itching, swelling and redness. It also helps to sooth the area, providing you with wonderful relief. While this treatment may not completely eliminate hives, it can offer some relief from the discomfort that comes with hives.

Easy Homemade Cold Compresses

The wonderful thing about using cool compresses is that they are easily created within your home. You don’t have to buy a cold compress to get the relief you need. In just a few minutes, you can make your own. Here are a few ideas you can use for homemade cool compresses and ice packs.

  • Take a clean washcloth, running it under cold water. Wring it out to eliminate excess water. In a bowl, add a few ice cubes and some water. Place the washcloth into the bowl, letting it get cool. After a few minutes, wring out excess water. Place on the affected area for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Take out a bag of frozen corn or peas. Cover with a towel and apply to the area.
  • Place ice cubs in a ziplock plastic bag, placing a bit of water into the bag to start melting the ice. Eliminate air and seal the bag. Place inside of another ziplock bag and then wrap in a towel for cool relief.

Be Careful When Using Ice

Both ice packs and cool compresses can offer you fast relief when you are dealing with hives. However, if you choose to use an ice pack, whether it’s a store bought one or one you made at home, you need to be careful when using ice. You should never apply a homemade or purchased ice pack right to skin, since it can damage skin. Instead, you must always ensure that the ice pack is wrapped in a washcloth or towel before you apply it to the area affected by hives. Even a bag of frozen peas or a ziplock bag of ice should never be placed right on skin. Anything frozen should be covered to avoid damage.

Cool compresses and ice packs can offer soothing relief from hives. Just make sure that you change them from time to time if they get too warm. In most cases, it’s suggested to treat the area for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Try using the compresses or ice packs 4-5 times a day for some relief. If hives become more severe, it’s a good idea to contact a medical professional.

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